Mario Tennis Aces
Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces

Release Date: 22/06/2018
Your favourite characters are dressing up in white and making a grand entrance in Mario Tennis Aces on the Nintendo Switch. Play as 15 iconic Mario characters in various tournaments playing with not only speed, skill and strength but also each character’s unique characteristic.

Choose to play on your own, with up to 4 friends, offline or connect your Nintendo Switch to the internet and play online too. This Nintendo game features a variety of different modes available to play:

Adventure Mode: Use the power of your tennis rackets to take down cruel bosses and complete missions in the adventure mode in Mario Tennis Aces. Prepare to be immersed in the RPG-progressive gaming mode which allows you to take on the persona of any Mushroom Kingdom character you wish! The missions and boss battles bring depth to this fun-loving sports title that you can’t miss out on.

Tournament Mode: Build up your skills and learn to play tennis like a pro as you take on the CPU opponents in Tournament Mode! There are a variety of tournaments that you can take part in so you can be sure that plenty of tennis matches need to be played. Choose from Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup, or Star Cup and get ready to play your way to the top.

Swing Mode: De-tach the Joy—Con’s from your Switch and use them as a tennis racket! Get your whole body moving and feel like you’re playing the Nintendo Wii in this fun game mode.

There is much more to enjoy and play in Mario Tennis Aces on the Switch. You won’t want to put your Nintendo Switch down for this… so get ready to serve and Buy today.

Mario Tennis Aces Q ‘n’ A

Will Mario Tennis Aces have online?
Yes, it will! You can jump online and make a good serve as you make your way to the top and take the crown in online mode in Mario Tennis Aces.

Will Mario Tennis Aces have motion controls?
Even better news, this video game does include motion controls to help make your serves and hits more accurate. Let your true tennis skills shine through in this game as you attempt to take the tennis crown!
Mario Tennis Aces